Sandblasting is the process of smoothing and cleaning a hard surface by forcing solid particles across that surface at high speeds using compressed air. There are two kinds of sandblasters: “Suction” / “Siphon”" & “Pressure” Blast Systems. There are two basic kinds of sand blasters: Blast Cabinets & Portable Blasters.

All surfaces to be painted must be thoroughly cleaned before painting and all areas where painting is to be done must be kept clean and dust free during painting operations. Cover all surfaces not be be painted to prevent spotting and spillages. Remove all locks, door handles, light fittings etc or mask these off until completion of painting

What Sandblasting Air Pressure Is Required? The blast pot requires a minimum of 50 PSI. This measure will allow the pop-up valve to seal and the internal pot to pressurize. While operating, the pressure of the pot will typically in the 60-80 PSI range to ensure the most efficient amount of blasting

Sandblasting Process – Pros & Cons! Abrasive action on the surface: The abrasive materials which are being used in the process that have an aggressive action on the surfaces. Fit for rough surfaces: The powerful action of the sandblasting process can remove contaminants from the tough surfaces like a concrete.